Friday, 15 July 2011

Chocolate Labrador / Czekoladowy Labrador

Birthday gift for chocolate lab owner. I hope You can see the Labrador on my card ;)

Urodzinowy prezencik dla wlascielki czekoladki. Mam nadzieje, ze widac, ze to labrador ;)

My idiot camera is still on holidays, that's why I made only one photo ( I don't have wide angle lens to my SLR :( )

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  1. Awww I love my chocolate lab! I should probably write something about her in my blog someday, but she's definitely played second fiddled since my daughter was born. =)

  2. So You can see a dog on this card :) Thank You!!!!

  3. Fajne połączenie: smakowita czekolada i plaskaty pies do zacałowania:-)

  4. I can see the chocolate lab. Very cute!


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