Tuesday, 19 July 2011

For Classic Car Lovers / Dla Milosnikow Starych samochodow

My Dad always loved vintage cars, so I decided to make one specially for him :)

It wasn't easy to find the perfect shape, and believe me it wasn't easy to cut it too... My tiny scissors were broken and I needed to say "sorry" to my craft knifes. That was so hard ;) But I still have all my fingers in the right place :D

Moj Tata zawsze lubil stare samochody, wiec postanowilam mu podarowac jeden na wlasnosc :)

Znalezienie wymarzoego ksztaltu nie bylo latwe, podobnie jak wyciecie go... Moje malusie nozyczki rozpadly sie, wiec musialam sie przeprosic z crafciarskimi nozukami. Nie bylo to proste :) ale ciagle mam palce na swoim miejscu :D

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  1. cute! i love papergoods and yours are lovely! the vintage car looks nice and well-placed. love your cards!

    etsy blog team

  2. Какая прелесть! Чудесная открытка!


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