Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Wool felted balls / Sfilcowane welniane kuleczki

I know this should be blog about quilling and photography, but I always loved felted things :) Yes, I can buy this balls for a small amount of money but I made them by myself, and I am proud for my little almost balls ;)

 Wiem, wiem, to powienin byc blog o quillingu i zdjeciach, ale zwsze podobaly mi sie rzeczy z filcu :) Owszem mozna kupic takie kuleczki za w sumie niewielkie pieniazki, ale te zrobilam sama i jestem dumna z moich prawie kulek ;)

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  1. To są kulki bez "prawie" :)Tez bym była dumna, gdybym takie zrobiła.

  2. They are really cute and I think it is awesome that you made them yourself!

  3. Well, I am not able to make these 'almost balls' at all, so I would be proud too.


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