Friday, 6 January 2012

You're my Sunshine quilled card

I suffer from lack of sunshine.. Instead of it I have lots of wind and rain... I made my own SUN!!! PRIVATE :)
So.. Let it sunshine cos you're my Sunshine quilled card ;)

Cierpie na brak slonca.. Zamiast niego mam duzo wiatru i deszczu... Zrobilam sobie swoje SLONCE!!! PRYWATNE :)
A niech swieci ;)

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  1. The eyes and the feet are so special!! You are so imaginative and talented!

  2. Good ideea, I miss sun too, here is cold. I will make one for me. I love your card!

  3. Какое классное солнышко! Такое веселое и игривое!!!

  4. I so agree with Sonia, I love the hands and the feet! And the eyes you make are always SO special! :)

  5. Your quilling always makes me smile and makes my day. I wish I had your creativity.

  6. Sonia thank you!! All my life I was thinking that I can't do anything by my hands.. Till I met quilling ;)

    Michaela, here is about +6 degree but it is always cloudy ( ok, most of the time)

    Cheryl you read in my mind, because when I'm watching your little wonders I always thinking gosh I wish I had such plenty of ideas :)

    Thanks Girls!!!

  7. I love your card and the sentiment! I will have to remember this!
    hugs, antonella :-)

  8. I always come here for words. I'm so special that makes you beautiful! again!
    Greetings Baukje

  9. very cute!!!
    Nati from Brazil


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