Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Quilled Sorry Card

So, Christmas, Christmas and it's after Christmas. I didn't show you all my Christmas cards but... I found my "lost" card photo :)
I saw this dog somewhere on the internet, and I thought that it's so cute that I'll try to make it by my self. Like always I add something from me and now you can see I'm Sorry dog :)

Swieta, swieta i po swietach. Nie pokazalam Wam wszystkich moich swaitecznych kartek, ale... Znalazlam zdjecia mojej "zaginionej" karteczki :)

Dawno temu zobaczylam tego psiaka gdzies w internecie, i postanowilam, ze postaram sie go "poskrecac". Jak to zawsze bywa dodalam cos od siebie i teraz mozecie zobaczyc przepraszajacego psiaka :)

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  1. Who will be unable to forgive after this super cute Sorry! Szalo, I should stop writing praises now. I've run out of words! :)

  2. He has that sorry-look :) Too cute little puppy.

  3. Super cute little dog and yes it have a sorry look! I just love it!

  4. He is so super cute-- will have to try too!! Thank You for sharing

  5. Pritesh I love your praises :) as much I love your comments :)

    Thank you all for leaving comments!!


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