Thursday, 19 April 2012

Quilled Communion Card

Hi there, 
this time I quilled Communion card. Yes!! This isn't traditional one, because I don't like traditional cards :D ( I was always different )
Sorry, for the bed quality of the photos. I did what I could :D

Have a nice day!!!

Tym razem chwale sie komunijna karteczk. Tak!! To nie jest tradycyjna kartke, bo takowych nietrawie :P ( zawsze bylam inna)
Przeprasza, za zla jakosc zdjec, ale zrobilam co moglam :D

Milego Dnia!!!

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  1. I love your technique! ...those decorations are so beautiful :D

  2. If this is a 'quick' card, I look forward to your 'slow' cards Szalonaisa! Wonderful tones used :)

  3. Lovely flowers. And as usual you have photographed them so well.

  4. Thank you Girls!!!

    Suganthi,thanks for cheering me up, because I am not pleased with this photos :( The first it the worst...

    Pritesh, what are slow cards :P


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